Bankruptcy – How to File – What to Know


If you decide self filing is the way you are going to go, the first decision you have to make is which of the available Chapters of Bankruptcy you are going to file. This is a decision that needs to be made with extreme thought and caution. It is advised to at least go to the library or talk with any friends you have that may be knowledgeable in the subject of Bankruptcy.I still advice you to seek the advice of a bankruptcy lawyer that can walk you through the very complicated process of filing for bankruptcy. You will have to supply your Bankruptcy Attorney with all of your pertinent personal information so they can prepare your personal file. This is necessary for them to file your personal voluntary bankruptcy petition. Once that document is filed, the court will assign you a trustee that all information is collected accurately and swiftly.The next thing you need to do is notify your creditors that you are going to file for bankruptcy. That in turn will stop all action against you by the creditors. Later in this process there will be a meeting with all parties involved in your bankruptcy. You, you creditors, your creditors attorney’s your attorney and the trustee will all attend this meeting.Prior to choosing which attorney is going to represent you, make sure they are familiar with the laws and procedures around Bankruptcy. Make sure they have a sound good reputation. It is imperative that both your emotional and financial problems are understood and that your attorney offers helpful solutions to you. Also be sure to discuss fees and which procedures are included in his or her fees so you have a ballpark figure of what the bankruptcy will cost you.With each Chapter of bankruptcy there are different filings required. Make sure your attorney is going to handle the ones that you need and that you are not taken by surprise by any expenses along the way. Your Bankruptcy happened because you were not able to meet your financial burdens, do not start post bankruptcy life the same or it will not get any better it will only get worse.

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