What Does Filing Bankruptcy Do to Your Banking Options


These days banks do have safeguards set up to protect themselves against poor investments or taking on clients with less than favorable credit. One such protection is a service called ChexSystems. This company keeps information about checking accounts and assists their clients in judging credit worthiness of people based on past records. Information in ChexSystems stays in their system for 5 years.Banks do allow people to use their services after bankruptcy on occasion. It will be harder for you once you do file to get new accounts and banks may set tougher guidelines on accounts that already do exist.Once you do find a bank that will take you there it is not necessary to inform your official receiver or trustee unless you are specifically asked. The official receiver or trustee can claim the surplus amounts with a IPO or income payment order, or an IPA Income Payment Agreement in order to pay your credits.The trustee can apply for an IPO order from the court. In turn you are required to make payments towards the debt from the income you make. However, remember a creditor is not aloud to take so much as to leave you incapable of supplying reasonable domestic needs. As long as you pay as agreed upon your new account is usually safe.There is an alternatives to opening checking accounts after Bankruptcy bankruptcy that may suit your needs. One such solution would be to open yourself a PayPal account. They can issue you a debit card that you can in turn use for your purchases like you would a checking account.No matter what you do, life after a bankruptcy is always difficult. It is vital to keep your finances in order and accounts up to date when and where ever possible. If you do not, it could greatly affect the ability you have to open new accounts.

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